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HD PhotoVideos and Animated Videos! (Starting at Only $75 Each)

Create a gorgeous high definition photo video montage or animated montage using your photos! Just email me your pictures, favorite song, and a special message to a loved one. I'll do the rest! I can put it on dvd for you and/ or upload it to the web for everyone to see.
These make beautiful, heartwarming gifts for any occasion that can be treasured for a lifetime!

High Definition Videographer & Editor
Brian Michael O'Neill

                                        Creating Your Beautiful Video

Receive your Elegant Montage after a Few Simple Steps: 

1. Tell me if you are interested in a PhotoVideo or an Animated Video (mention which Animated Theme you want if you have one in mind)

2. Email me your pictures (jpeg format is preferred) from anywhere in the world to (In the subject or headline of the email, let me know how many pictures and emails you sent me) 

3. Tell me what you want written in the montage (a message to a parent, hopes and dreams to a girlfriend etc)

4. If you don't have a specific song choice, what kind of music style are you interested in? (Keep in mind that with a slow song, I'll create a slightly slower montage, and with a fast, upbeat song, I'll create a faster montage) 

5. Just let me know if you want your video on dvd and/ or a url link to share with your friends over the internet around the world. If you want your video on dvd, leave your address where it can be mailed to you.  (Uploading to the web costs an additional $25)

6. Do you want multiple copies of the dvd? (for each additional copy, it's only $10 each) 

        Animated Video Sample                 PhotoVideos Sample


             BriSavesMemories  "Animated Video Scrapbook"


                           Father's Day 2010 PhotoVideo


           Isabella Rose's Mother's Day 2010 Animated PhotoVideo


                            Mother's Day 2009 PhotoVideo 


                         Maria & Will's Wedding PhotoVideo


                      --------PhotoVideos For Business---------

If you are interested in having an elegant Business "PhotoVideo" created with digital photos accompanied by music, titles, transitions, coupons, graphs, (almost anything you want) along with a message and /or narration (video up to 10 minutes duration): Approx: $375

                           Wild Orchid Catering PhotoVideo


                     Joseph Triano Photography PhotoVideo


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