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                                        My Testimonials

Yvonne P: (after seeing a musical PhotoVideo I created for her honoring her sisters and parents. The photos used also came from our Photo Shoot): 
So why do I have tears in eyes??? You are THE BEST 


Gabriel C: (Lead Musician in LTrain, after seeing a 2 camera montage video I made from one of their first live performances):


We are going crazy over here! We LOVE it. Makes me want to cry. I can never repay you for what you've done for us. We want you to travel around with us! 


Michela B: (after photographing her sister's surprise Bridal Shower and editing the pictures): 

Brian, the pictures are amazingggggg we can't thank you enough! You did a phenomenal job! 


Anna B: (after photographing her surprise Bridal Shower and editing the pictures):


Hi Brian, just wanted to thank you for my shower pictures. You did a fantastic job capturing every moment! 


Christina M (On a Wedding that I shot for her and her husband and made several sets of dvds):

My husband and I are so grateful for the awesome videography Brian did on our wedding day! Brian has a great spirit and was alot of fun to work with. He had a great repoire with all of our family and guests and was able to make everyone feel comfortable while capturing our most memorable moments on camera. Brian went above and beyond what we could have ever asked for and we are so thankful and blessed to have had him film on our big day! THANK YOU Brian you are the best! Can't wait to have you film our next big event! Love-Christina and Jose 



Rosalin M (after seeing some of my winter photography from the Blizzard of 2010):
"Beautiful!! Can use this as a post card or greeting card!!...It tells me a story how pure and glorious life can be...can I print this out and hang this at work? Or I would really love it if you would print it and autograph it for me" 


Blake Foster: (The Original Blue Turbo Power Ranger) responded and reposted one of my videos on facebook after watching a comedy skit I shot and edited with my brother entitled "Danny's Workout Routine"): 



DANNY, U CRACK ME UP!!!!!!!!!!!




Steve K: (after I stepped in for him as he was on vacation and filmed the championship soccer game for Our Lady of Hope. Steve also helped me get my start at a tv commercial editing house in the city known as QuietMan aka Semerad where I worked for over 4 years):


You did a great job on the video. Everything was perfect. Great cutaway shots. If we make it to the championship game next year, I may hire you for that so I can enjoy the game.



Jimmy T (Snr.)  after shooting a video and photos for a book promotion for Anthony Bruno: 




(Jimmy then says to me, after submitting my photo for the newspaper):


Brian, by the time I get done, you will be as famous as the author Anthony Bruno. JIMMY TURANO 


 Bec P (after photographing and recording her parents 50th Wedding Anniversary):


Hello Brian,

It was nice meeting you at my parent's anniversary this
past Sunday. It was great to see you at work with your assistance, "Mr. Cheesecakes" (Danny O'Neill). Your work is excellent. 

Someone I know is very interested in using your services for
a wedding...


Best Wishes! Bec


Yvonne P (after photographing & recording their family's 50th Wedding Anniversary): 


 Dear Brian and Danny,

You have made us extremely happy. You really showed how much you love and care for your work. Your teamwork was seamless and noticed by many. Thank you for your patience while working with us. For such a hectic day, you handled it like a piece of cake! Your attention to details is superb. Ooos and Ahhs is all I heard from the few photos that some of us got to see. You take photography and videography to the next level. I can't wait to see the end result! It was fun working with you and I look forward to our next adventure!

Thank You for loving what you do!!!

With Love and Gratitude,
Yvonne "Bonnie" Peraza 


Jimmy T (Snr.)  after shooting a video for a book promotion for Anthony Bruno:


Thank You Brian O'Neill for your expertise in your Photography & Videography work. You are the BEST!
As of today, you are hereby commissioned to be a personal photographer of Mr. Anthony Bruno, Author of 
'IN ONE HAND'. You will enjoy the Journey with us, until our final destination, which will be the Premiere Movie Event, of 
'IN ONE HAND' in New York City in the near future.


(shortly after, Anthony Bruno commented):

Thank you Brian for a great job.....I concur with Jimmy... 


Larry G (after past work from the House of Holidays, asked me to shoot 4 tv commercials for his piano store and possibly for the House of Holidays in 2010):


After looking over the work you did for us in the past, I really thought to myself, 'this is just beautiful' and we would like to know if you are interested in shooting 4 tv commercials for my piano store.



Donna D (after I filmed, edited & walked in the charitable event known as "Light the Night". The Video is called "Light the Night" 2010 Walk for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society): 


Hi Brian this is Donna Liz's Friend. I just wanted to say that this is an awesome video! You did a spectacular job with this! Congratulations.. and thank you for walking with us and for offering your time to film and create this! :) 



Jeremiah C (after filming together at a wedding and checking out my website): 


Hey Bro-

Just saw your website. You are brilliant! Keep up the good work! Next time I am in NYC... let's talk. I have something to run by you...



Bettsy M (regarding her 5year old daughters 5th Birthday video): 

Brian O'neill, you almost made me cry when we saw the video and the pictures at the end. Sarah loved listening to her song, "Kissing you" by Miranda Cosgrove. Once again thank you to you and Luisa Pineda for being part of Sarah's 5th birthday celebration and for capturing such beautiful memories. From the bottom of our hearts thank you very much.




Indira B (After seeing a video advertisement I created for Carson Rose):

I came across this site while doing some research and I thought "Brian can so do THIS ! and way better" After seeing the rose girls video.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________--------------------------------------------------- 

Yvonne P (after I thanked her for offering to hire me to film her sisters wedding in Puerto Rico): 

I can't think of anyone else. Your honest shows. Your quality shows too. Just by talking with you (and seeing your work). 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Antonio E (regarding an Animated PhotoVideo entitled: Summer Camping 2010):

I feel like a movie star lol I got to make sure my kids see this 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gita S (regarding an Animated PhotoVideo entitled: Summer Camping 2010 featuring her beautiful kids):

Bri.. this was AMAZING.. the kids & I enjoyed watching your masterpiece together.

Alissa is hopin to get a copy on CD if possible.

Thanks a bunch and thanks to their Aunts ~~> Sandy & Katie for taking them and giving them a great camping experience. ♥ you guys! 

Bri.. this was AMAZING.. the kids & I enjoyed watching your masterpiece together.

Alissa is hopin to get a copy on CD if possible.

Alissa is hopin to get a copy on CD if possible.

Thanks a bunch and thanks to their Aunts ~~> Sandy & Katie for taking them and giving them a great campin exper...ience. ♥ you guys!

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tara K (regarding an Animated PhotoVideo entitled: Summer Camping 2010):


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Katie K (regarding an Animated PhotoVideo entitled: Summer Camping 2010):

That was really great Bri! I just watched it. Thanks so much! 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sandy R (regarding an Animated PhotoVideo entitled: Summer Camping 2010):

Your so talented Bri. I love it. I have to go show the kids this today. :) 

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Rosalin M (regarding an Animated PhotoVideo entitled: Summer Camping 2010):

 This is so cute and love the background!!

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Luisa P (after working along side Brian for a 5 year old Birthday shoot): 

I had the opportunity to work with Brian a few weeks ago and although I've known him back from HS and we then ran into each other again in College, working with him gave me the opportunity not only to catch up on how life has been for us in the last 6 years or so but I also had the chance to see how Brian works behind the camera and partner up with him as a team.  I have to say that it was truly a pleasure working with Brian.  He's easy going and I loved how we just had fun doing what we both love to do...him saving those special moments while I captured them behind my camera glass.  I will definitely love to work with Brian again.  He's truly an awesome guy!    Thank you Brian for giving me the chance in getting to know the "BriSavesMemory" side of you....I know you have become a working partner for me!  Continuing saving those moments!  You rock!  Much success for you!

Live, Laugh, Peace & Love


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Katherine D (after seeing several videos of mine, especially BriSavesMemories Videography "Butterflies" Go Green #5):

Beautiful job Brian...but I am not surprised.. your work often captures how fragile and important life is, even in the smallest of insects or the enormity of famiy love. 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cherish P (after filming & editing her wedding, created several montages & creating 10 wedding dvds):

hey brian omg thank you so much for the gift we love it so much
its beautiful and very special I will cherish it forever & thank u for the 
wedding video its beautiful too it brought tears to my eyes happy tears u did
a wonderful job. thanks a bunch.  :) 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dr. Rosenberg (after seeing a new video I created for him & intended to be submitted to Yellowpages website): 

WOW!!! Fantastic and Bulls eye on the Editing and on the Focus and the Message! 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Juanita K:

Hi Brian,

I stumbled across the work you did with Nikki Gomez and I love it. I would like to schedule a brief telephone meeting and see if you could add your talents to some of our projects. 

Thank you,


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rosalin M (after seeing a Dr. Rosenebrg/BriSavesMemories Videography Team Up Video):

Outstanding Business Video!! Keep up the good work!!  


Katherine F: (after watching a Mother's Day Animated Photo Video):

That was one of the most beautiful things I have ever watched! That was truly touching. 


Christina G: (after watching a Mother's Day Animated Photo Video):

Im crying...Its beautiful!



Rachel C: (after watching a Mother's Day Animated Photo Video):

Wow, that's beautiful 


Fran B: (after watching a Mother's Day Animated Photo Video):

This is incredible! Great job! Beautiful moments and so many more to come! 


Jules M: (after watching a Mother's Day Animated Photo Video):

Ok brian, you made me cry! its beautiful and even Bella (her young daughter) said "WOAH! NICE!!"  Great worK! :)


MaryAnn M: (A mom after receiving A Mother's Day 2010 Animated Photo Video from her daughter Debbie):  

That was the best gift I've ever gotten! 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gabriela C: (after watching a Mother's Day 2010 Animated Photo Video):

omgggg!!! such a beautiful video my mother would of loved ittt... 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pasquale C: (After winning a contest to win a free Mother's Day 2010 Animated PhotoVideo. This was his reaction after the video was completed):

Comment #1- Amazing work, Brian! Thank you so very much. You truly are an artist. Brian, once again, I cannot say how thankful I am for all the work you've put into this project. My wife is going to flip.

Thank you! ~PJ


Comment #2- She loved it!

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jessica G: (from the After School Program at the Y regarding a play I filmed of her students entitled "Wonka Jr"):

It was phenomenal and we loved it! We're doing another show and we'd love to have you back! Its called "Annie Jr". We'd love to bring you back in to do the dvd again for us because the parents loved it, the staff loved it, we all loved it, it was fantastic.  Oh my God we loved your dvd it was really fantastic quality compared to what we had in the past. Please tell me you're available! 


Luisa P: (After seeing a 15 second ad I made for Dr. Rosenberg that actually appears in selected Manhattan Movie Theaters): 

Congrats with this Brian! I will be getting back to u on ur message! I think ur work is GREAT!! Hi5! 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Angelo M: (After seeing a sample I recorded and edited of him on the drums at a Sweet 16):

Wow bro sick I love it. Thanks. Love to work with you. 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lakshmee Singh: (considering a 1-2 minute promotional video for her cable tv show...the first Indo Caribbean community based talk show in queens):

Hi Brian! I love your work! It is definitely superior to other companies who have sent me their sites...i do like your work more. I want something that looks high class (which u do), fast pace...energetic.   

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nikki G: (Regarding a PhotoVideo Advertising her Professional Photography Services):

Comment #1 -Love love love! thank you, Brian! You are the best! =) 

Comment #2 (After featuring the video on her website): Thank you to Brian O'Neill of for this amazing video! 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Antonette M: (regarding her daughter Maria's Sweet 16 video): 

Thank you for the beautiful video you made. It came out beautiful! I can see all of the effort that you made...especially at the end. It was so nice. You did a great job hun. Take care Brian.  


Maurizio G: (regarding future Real Estate Work after seeing a Real Estate Video I created):

I am interested in this. You done great work for me in the past and feel my real estate business could use the exposure. In this economy a little advertising and marketing pays off. 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rosalin M: (Her comments after seeing marketing videos for NYC Dentist Dr. Simon W Rosenberg):

Comment #1: (To Dr. Rosenberg)- Hi Dr. Rosenberg, I just wanted you to know that your Advertising Videos are excellent. Brian does an amazing job!! Excellent job advertising for you. Keep up the good work.

 Comment #2 (To Brian): Wow your business videos are very good. You did them? Im speechless. You know what your thing I really think you should get into music.  I also like the wedding videos. They're beautiful. I also loved the cafe video and the photovideo montages (Mother's Day) and especially Maria's Wedding and Nicole Wedding Photography Photo montage.


Sunita B: (After Seeing a Mother's Day PhotoVideo Montage):

This is beautiful. Brian did a SUPERB job on this video and those songs are just perfect. Made me miss my mommy.  

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Indira R: (After Seeing a Mother's Day PhotoVideo Montage):

What a beautiful mother's day gift! This is a nice way to preserve memory.You have a beautiful family Geet 


Shirley S: (After Seeing a Mother's Day PhotoVideo Montage):

OMG .....this is soooooooooo hot...rock om momma 


James T (aka Rapper Young Jimmy T):

Working with Brian is amazing. With his expertise he is able to take your vision and make it come to life with ease. Brian makes it seem like his work is simple but yet it is anything but that. He is a true artist when it comes to his videography. If I had to describe Brian O’Neill at work in five words or less it would be “hard working, diligent, perfectionist.” 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jackie G:

Thank you so much, for Uncle Bills video. It made so many people smile, and remember. He is one never to be forgotten. Love you. 

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jennifer R:


rian omg this video is beautifulll!! I loved it. I finally got to see grandpa and my mom loves it too =] Great Job Bri.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kathleen O:

I just saw the video! Its great! It made me feel so good. I would love a copy of this and that wonderful family video you made. I was so good. You're so talented my cousin. I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work! Thank you for doing was special. I appreciate it very much.

Love ya kathy 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Maurizio G:    

My mom loves the montage you made with old family pictures. You did a great job. 


John P:

Its interesting Brian, people do not always realize the amount of work that goes into video production. Looked at your reels you do some great stuff. 


Nicole C:

 Comment #1- Awesome!! I'm at work so I only got to see minute of it with no sound...can't wait to get home and watch whole thing thank you so much I really appreciate it all!!

Comment #2-Awesome! I got my dvd! Can't wait to check it out thanks again!!  

Comment #3-Just watched it on my 27"!!!! Loved it! You did a great job thank you again, I love the part in beginning before you hit play how have the pictures changing there, beautiful effects. 

I'll be in touch soon thanks, Nicole

 Comment #4- I had my bridal show on sunday and it looked great on my big mac screen, and everyone loved it as well.


Joy Hunte's Choir (Regarding a brand new musical montage highlighting 2 church concerts filmed during 2008 and 2009):

Dear Brian,

A blessed New Year to you. I told my Choir members about the clip on You Tube and they have been viewing and very thrilled...


Nicole A (regarding a Wedding PhotoVideo I created for Maria R.): 

This photovideo is just beautiful! How sweet of u to put it together for them! I love it! :0)


Maria R: ( regarding a Wedding PhotoVideo) 

OMG Brian!!! I love it!! That was so sweet of you!! 

I am going to post it to my page...Thanx again 

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Richard H: (regarding a scenic PhotoVideo I created of his photography) 

DUDE!!!!!! I ******* LOVE this!!!!!!! thanks soooo much!!!! awesome dude!!!!! i really love it... im showing everyone!!!!


(Here is feedback Dr. Rosenberg received after a video I created for him involving his use of the Biolase Waterlase Technology. Notice the feedback is from the creators of the Biolase Waterlase Technology themselves! They wrote the following):

"Hi, Dr. Rosenberg, 

I hope you are well and your practice is continuing to prosper. I just saw your video "James Experiences The Biolase Waterlase MD Due to an Infected Eruption Cyst" Very nice! 

We would like to feature this video on May we have your permission to do so? 

Thank you! 

Best regards, 

Carl Ross 
Dir of Mktg
Biolase Technology"

Message I received (From Joy Hunte) regarding the St. Steven's Episcopal Church
2008-2009 Christmas Concert highlight montage:

"The youtube clip is awesome just beautiful! Thank you for show casing 
my work to God in such a fabulous light." 


Ted (Referring to a Basketball Shoot):

Hi Brian,
Just wanted to let you know that the game footage came out great!

Elisa Ernst Rosenberg (Referring to a Bar Mitzvah PhotoVideo):
"Absolutely beautiful!  It brought tears to my eyes..."

Simon W. Rosenberg DMD:

Comment #1: (Referring To a PhotoVideo Of a Bar Mitzvah):
 "Brian, This is an incredible production to capture the excitement of the
event and combine the religious with the celebratory aspects of that day. 
I feel so much as if I was there that I feel like I should be sending the 
Bar Mitzvah boy a gift."
Comment #2: 
"I can attest that Brian is a Great Videographer. His people skills put his 
subjects at ease, he has a great eye to capture meaniful content and he has the 
technical skills and artistic talents to produce great video. I have used him 
to capture my in-office procedures, my staff's views on rendering patient care 
and my patients' reaction to the dental care they have received in my practice." 
Comment #3:
Brian is a great videographer. He has done dozens of videos for my 
practice and recently did a great job on my Brother's nephew's Bar Mitzvah.
If you have an event such as a birthday party, graduation celebration, etc.
and you want lasting video or still photography memories, then contact Brian.


I'm Yahaira =D I live in México

Brian made a video for me and my boyfriend, he's really good at his job.
The video looks great!!!  1000% Recommended ;)

You can make someone so happy with a small and beautiful detail !!
(I love it, its great!!!!! Thanks thanks and more more thanks. 
Muchas muchas gracias) 


Gita S. 
 "Brian ~ This is the BEST mothers day gift EVER! I will cherish it FOREVER!!!& I 
know when the kids get older they are gonna love it 2! Thank you soooooo ~ 

 BTW: U and Rye are very Sneaky!! I had no idea!! Love ya!!

 Oh Yeah~ Thanks for postin it up..I was thinkin to myself how I could upload 
it.. I wanna share it with EVERYONE!! U did an awesome job.. I'll def. be 
recommendin ur skills EVERYWHERE!! Thanks again!
 Heyyy Briiiii.. I can't get over this video.. I loveee it soooo much!!!! I 
wanna share with EVERYONE!!! Awww.. ur the sweetest.. thank u again..
Go watch my mothers day video.. don't cry too much! Brian is Brilliant!
I love it!"

Amanda Mills: 
 There aren't many people who can say that not only do they love 
their job, but they're also amazing at it. Brian is the exception. There are so 
many parts of my life that I would only remember in my mind had it not been for 
Brian and his eye for important memories. From my 21st birthday to my beloved 
Grandfather's final birthday to my parent's 30th wedding anniversary, I can pop 
a DVD in and re-watch the times like they happened yesterday. The way he ties 
pictures and movies together with music is guaranteed to bring a tear to your 
eye. Brian helps to preserve all the memories that you want to keep alive and 
share with others for years, and for all the hard work he puts into everything 
he does, it's guaranteed to be WELL worth the money. I am so proud of you 
Brian-and even though I go crazy because I felt as though I wasn't "camera 
ready", you've got an amazing talent that I'm extremely envious of. Whoever 
hires you for a job will not only be satisfied, but will absolutely call again 
when they need a precious memory saved to DVD to enjoy forever. You're amazing 
at what you do :)

With much love and good luck always,

Amanda :)


Joycelyn Hunte:

Hope your Easter was a reawakening of your Christian Hope and Joy in Jesus Christ. Yes I have watched and enjoyed the DVD of all our work. That camera and your expertise are a winning combination.

Jeff Brathwaite: (Subject: Impressed with your youtube video) 
 I just wanted to say how impressed I was of your youtube video on the use of
technology in your office. I was so impressed I posted it to the video section of our blog.
Anne C:
Brian, I just saw the video.  I think it is just great. It shows ACA Galleries in a wonderful light. Your touches are very artistic and creative...I loved the walk in with the frame...the entire video is very professional. Congratulations.

My name is Ellen Bossio, I am Brian’s Cousin.  I wanted to write 
a little bit about Brian from a different point of view. Brian, My Brian… for as 
long as I can remember he has had a video camera attached to his sleeve. Even 
since we have been little kids, He has been filming every precious memory of our 
upbringing.  From our own little shows :) to Grandma’s 75th birthday & my Sweet 
Sixteen. Actually sometimes it kind of drove me a little crazy! He took that 
camera everywhere, every holiday every family get together, I wondered if he 
would ever take a break, until one day I seen a video, a beautiful family 
montage that brings tears to my eyes and a smile to my heart every time I think 
about it. There were Videos & pictures of my grandfather who I had never had the 
pleasure of meeting from over 30 years ago to the family at holidays and family 
gatherings within the last year. That’s when I realized this is one of the many 
final projects of his years of dragging around the video camera.  It was 
Beautiful & inspiring. I have seen many more pieces of his work throughout the 
years, and I tell you this, he never fails to amaze me. He is so passionate 
about his work it’s extremely inspiring. I’ve never met someone that put more 
effort into something they have done & his work comes out truly amazing. I am so 
happy he has chosen this for a career, because I know he will do a fantastic job 
and I am proud to be his cousin.
** Also… If I ever get married, I will be hiring Brian to do my wedding video, 
it’s the most precious day in a girls life and I think he would be the perfect  
person to capture every possible emotion and make a beautiful Video.**

I love you Cuz,
Love Always Ellen

 My name is Danny O'Neill, and I am Brian's brother. I wanted to leave a comment on here because I'm very proud of him. I watch him do his work, and make his videos, and he puts absolutely everything into it. He works as hard as he possibly can and I can honestly say his work is awesome. If I had to rate it I'd give his videos a 10 out of 10 not because I'm his brother, but because I see how dedicated and how hard he works to get it all done and completed the proper way. Every video he's made has come out very professional and outstanding. I think everyone should go to Brian before they go anywhere else. GREAT job Brian, I love you, keep up the good work.

- Danny Michael O'Neill

Donna Gibson:

  (This is all true, based on a video I saw first at Aunt Ellen's and then at my Mom's house that you put together!):

Brian assembled a collection of old (and I mean "old", from the 1950's and 60's!) family home movies and made a beautiful cohesive video that really captures the closeness of our family and preserves the joy of countless great times and the love of so many special family members who have since passed on. I can watch it over and over again, and it never fails to bring both a smile to my face and a tear to my eye. Brian has a unique gift for capturing not just events, but emotions. When you watch a video that Brian creates, you don’t just remember a time, you "live" it. You "feel" it. This video that Brian made for our family is one of our most precious possessions, and it becomes more valuable with each passing year. Thanks, Bri! :)


 Indira : 

I am so happy for you! Actually doing what you love. I hope all goes SUPER Fantastically Marvelous for you!!! 

With much Support and Well Wishes, 



Danielle S. 

Awesome job: From the day you picked up the video camera at our prom, I knew you were made for this. Because of you, I can look back at all the good time we shared. Anyone can tape anything but you, you capture the things that most people dont. Your a true natural at this and anyone that hires you WONT be sorry because your work is purely genuine :)


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