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              BriSavesMemories "Animated Video Scrapbook"


  BriSavesMemories Videography Go Green #2 Flowers Timelapse


BriSavesMemories Videography & Dr. Simon Rosenberg Video Ads


                                    Father's Day 2010


       All Sports Recorded in High Definition with Scoreboard


    BriSavesMemories Videography Go Green #1 Sky Timelapse


In a Band & want more gigs? Check out this (unedited) Band Sample


                      Isabella Rose's Mother's Day 2010


                                        Ibiza Sun Club


              Debbie's Mother's Day 2010 Animated Photo Videos


                         Cherish & Rovin's Wedding Montage


                                    Nikki G. Photography


      Rapper Young Jimmy T "Live in Studio" (Sneak Preview #2)


Rapper Young Jimmy T "Sweet 16 Performance"(Sneak Preview #1)


                        Introducing Nicole Lynn Photography


   Animated Land of the Rising Hearts Valentine's Day Greeting Card


                       Introducing Joseph Triano Photography


Saint Stephen's Chancel Choir 2008-2009 Christmas Concert Montage


Advertise Your Jewelry or Any of Your Products With My PhotoVideos


                        PhotoVideo of Spencer's Bar Mitzvah


                             Wedding PhotoVideo Sample


                            Business Video "KBC Consulting"


       Bri Saves Memories Videography "Introduction Montage" 

                      Business Video Hudson Hill Condominium


                   Promote Your Business With My PhotoVideos


                               Business Video "ACA Galleries"


                     PhotoVideo "Springing Into Spring" BBQ 2009


                The Otterkill Golf & Country Club "Golf Course"


                 The Otterkill Golf & Country Club "Wedding Hall"


              The Otterkill Golf & Country Club "Extended Version"


 BriSavesMemories Videography Go Green #6 "Sunrise over Water"


    BriSavesMemories Introduces "Underwater HD Video"


          BriSavesMemories "Behind the Scenes/Rap"


    BriSavesMemories Videography Go Green #3 "Swim"


   BriSavesMemories Videography Go Green #4 "Fireworks"


     BriSavesMemories Videography Go Green #5 "Butterfly"


            Camping 2010 Animated PhotoVideo Montage


 "Light the Night" 2010 Walk for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society


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