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I Can Help Transfer Your Old VHS Movies to DVD

    Videotape is unfortunately a dying medium. Over time, the memories of your family captured on tape are slowly disappearing. A life span of a tape can range between 10-20 years if you are lucky. The tape naturally becomes brittle and weak and begins to wear out with each and every play.

    With the equipment I purchased, I can save your life's memories on vhs and back them up onto dvds for you... preserving the remaining quality of your priceless home movie. The life span of a dvd outlasts a vhs by decades and if you decide you want multiple copies of a particular home movie to share with multiple people in your family, I can do that for you for a reduced charge (with each additional backup copy). I transfer everything and preserve the best possible quality, saving the treasured memories of your family and friends. Who wouldn't want to save any memory they have? Whether its of a beloved grandparent or a special once in a lifetime sweet 16, these memories deserve to be preserved. Believe me, there is no greater gift then capturing and saving the smile and laughter of the people you love and cherish.

    In fact, I can take some of those precious memories and use them in edited sequences... building a beautiful video montage with your choice of music and / or narration. Don't let your special videos disappear over time...that would be a true tragedy. My prices are definitely reasonable and the outcome is wonderful. If you have any questions, please email me at I look forward to hearing from you. Remember, don't let those once in a lifetime movies just be a faded memory.

Great Prices!

If you are interested in having an old home video from a VHS Tape transferred to Dvd:

One 2 hour copy- $25
Any additional copy of the same tape- $10 each
For any 4 tapes you want transferred, get the 5th tape transferred Free (if you spend $100, the next transferred tape is free)

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